We source many varieties of butter from the UK and abroad. They start from 7g portions all the way to 25kg blocks. These include lactic butters often associated with French butters like Lescure, and sweet cream butters like many of the British Brands.

British Butter flag Size
Catering Salted Butter 40 x 250g
Catering Salted Butter 25 kg
Catering Unsalted Butter 40 x 250g
Catering Unsalted Butter 25 kg
Longley Farm Jersey Butter Rolls 10 x 250g


Organic Butter flag Size
Netherend Organic Lightly Salted Butter 10 x 250g
Netherend Organic Unsalted Butter 10 x 250g


Butter Portions flag Size
Butter Dishes 400 x 10g
Butter Foil Wrapped Portions 500 x 7g
Netherend Salted Butter Portions 100 x 30g
Netherend Unsalted Butter Portions 100 x 30g


Continental Butter Size
French Unsalted Butter 40 X 250g
Lescure Butter Rolls 20 x 250g
Lescure Slightly Salted (demi) Butter Rolls 20 x 250g
Lescure Plaques 10 x 1kg


Continental Butter Portions Size
Lescure Butter Portions 100 x 10g
Echire Butter Portions 100 x 30g
Isigny Portions 48 x 25g


Margarines & Spreads Size
Flora 2 kg
Flora Portions 120 x 10g
Utterly Butterly 2 kg
Soft Margarine 2 kg
Sunflower Portions 100 x 10g


Dairy Free Spread Size
Vitalite 500g

Lescure Butter is one of the few AOC French butters available. It is produced in the Charentes region in the small town of Claix by the GLAC Cooperative. It has a mild texture with a lovely warm colour. Ideal for the perfectionist baker and patissier. Lescure has a higher melting point than most butters thanks to its high fat and low water content.

Netherend Farm is a family run business set in the heart of Gloucestershire producing brilliant British butter churned in traditional ways. Their range includes organic butter and beautifully presented 30g butter portions.