We stock the core range of catering cheeses from soft chesses to blocks, grated and sliced hard cheeses. Not only stocking the traditional British cheeses but many of the conventional continental cheeses like Italian Mozzarella & Grana Padano.

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Cheese – English flag Size
Mixed cheese portions 40 x 20g
Sliced Mild Cheddar 1 kg
Sliced Mature Cheddar 1 kg
Grated Mild Cheddar 2 kg
Grated Mature Cheddar 1 kg
Mild cheddar cheese 5 kg
Mature cheddar cheese 5 kg
Butlers Secret Extra Mature 2.5 kg
Smoked Applewood Cheddar 1 .5 kg
Long Clawson Stilton Quarters 2 kg
Mini Long Clawson Stilton 2.5 kg
Red Leicester 2.5 kg
Double Gloucester Block 5 kg


Cheese – Soft flag Size
Cottage Cheese 2 kg
Full Fat Soft Cheese 2 kg
Low Fat Soft (Curd) Cheese 2 kg
Philadelphia Cheese 2 kg
Philadelphia Cheese Portions 24 x 16.7g
Philadelphia Cheese Light Portions 24 x 16.7g


Cheese – Continental Size
Mozzarella Balls 125g
Mozzarella Buffalo 125g
Mozzarella Grated 2 kg
Mozzarella Block 1 kg
Mozzarella Bocconcini 1 kg
Regianno Block 1 kg
Grano Padano/Parmesan Block 1 kg
Grano Padano/Parmesan Grated 1 kg
Grano Padano/Parmesan Strands 1 kg
Grano Padano/Parmesan Shaved 1 kg
Edam 1.9 kg
Brie 1 kg
Goats Log 1 kg
Swiss Gruyere 1 kg
Ricotta 1.5 kg
Mascarpone 2 kg
Emmentel sliced 50 x 20g
Emmentel Block 1.6 kg
Haloumi 250g
Mini Babybel portions 96 x 20g
Bel paese portions 24 x 25g
Smoked Applewood 1.5 kg
Feta 900g
Camembert 200g
Gorgonzola 1.6 kg
Dolcelatte 1.5 kg
Burger Slices (120g) 900g
Taleggio 2 kg
Montery Jack 1.5 kg
Manchego 3 kg

Longley Farm is a second generation family business that produce a range of quality, preservative free dairy items such as full fat soft cheese, cottage cheese and a jersey milk butter.

Long Clawson Stilton - Long Clawson dairy was founded in 1911 when 12 farmers from the Vale of Belvoir,Leicestershire formed a co-operative to produce Stilton Cheese in the village of Long Clawson. Now one of the six dairies in this specific geographical area approved to produce this PDO status cheese. Made to PDO standards. Long Clawson Blue Stilton is a pasteurised cows milk semi hard blue-veined cheese with a rich and mellow flavour and a piquant aftertaste. It has narrow, blue-green veins and a wrinkled tan-brown rind. Stilton is milder and drier than Roquefort or Gorgonzola, with a slightly bitter note. Originally Stilton was not a blue cheese.